Hi, I’m Pierre Jeanty — your 7-Figure Book Business Trainer.

Known as the founder of the “Pierre Jeanty & Gentlemenhood” brands, and the silent marketer behind quite a few businesses and successful authors, I am simply an author who dedicated the last decade to selling books every way possible and marketing through every avenue I can. 

I do not carry many accolades. You will not find me on Forbes, Yahoo Finance!, or any other platform where you scout gurus. 

Many printers, however, recognize the tens of thousands of books I move. Industry leaders recognize my name and my work. 

I am just like you, a day-to-day author who is handling it all. The only difference is, I’ve learned what it takes to sell almost a million books on my own, get into major retailers like Target and Barnes & Noble on my own, and spent millions running profitable Facebook ads on my own. Most importantly, I am disrupting the book selling market, which I’m here to help you do. Are you ready to build a business that does not rely on anything but strategy, systems, and processes to see growth?

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