Learn how to build long-term and scale your BOOK BUSINESS:

It’s time to leave author-preneurship behind and build a sustainable book business.

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Learn how to build long-term and scale your BOOK BUSINESS

It’s time to leave author-preneurship behind and build a sustainable book business.
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Hi, I’m Pierre Jeanty

In 2018, I was a successful indie author, touring at Barnes & Noble for my next new book; yet, struggling as an author.

I didn’t realize I was struggling until I had low attendance at the book signings.

With 1.2 million followers on Facebook at the time and 500K on Instagram, I could not get in front of my audience to promote my book tour.

Like many authors, I reached a point where I asked myself, 'How can this business continue to thrive?'

Here were my answers.

  • I had to stop feeding the Amazon pipeline without getting anything in return. (Royalties weren’t enough!)
  • I had to use social media but not rely on it for sales.
  • I had to know where to find my readers, how to get them to buy, and how to keep in touch with them.
  • I had to fix my finances and get money to come in every day.

After a hard 6 months, I answered all these questions by building the system in my 7 Figure Book Business Blueprint.


I can tell you that I sell 40-50 orders a day.

I can tell you the average person spends $24 on their order.

I can tell you that when I tour, I have over 200K+ people to directly announce it to.

I can tell you how my advertising is more profitable.

I can tell you a lot of things about my business because I control it.

I built a system that not only gave me clarity in my book business, it set me up for longevity. Now I am teaching it to authors like yourself.

Want to learn how to sell books with predictability and profitability?

The 7 Figure Book Business Blueprint the best way to building a profitable & scalable book business.

This NEW book reveals a counterintuitive book marketing approach that helps authors sell books daily and scale their businesses WITHOUT guessing and wasting money, while also growing their author brand, building a profitable email list, and becoming their own Amazon set up for long-term success.

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Ready to be more than your typical bestselling author? 

Yes, I’m talking to you.

The author who's labored enough to climb Amazon’s top rankings, labored enough to build a great author platform, the author who has a decent email list amongst other things, yet realized there are a few things keeping you from reaching your potential. 

The sales on Amazon are going well but that’s about it. Your email list is growing, but you have to work extremely hard to find buyers, the real supporters. You sold a lot of books; yet, can’t find a way to do so consistently. Nor do you know how to build a community. 

You know there’s more to Amazon, more to giving freebies, and welcoming people into your community. You’re tired of your author journey being filled with ups and downs, so many inconsistencies, and don’t see the next move to maintain all of this. 

You know there’s a way to outgrow this phase you’re in. You’re just not sure how to take what you're doing to the next level. 

I know you’re tired of feeling stuck. 


It’s time to stop hustling as an author and build a profitable book business that brings sales daily, brings more income daily, and brings more quality subscribers daily. 

It’s time to leave author-preneurship behind and build a real business.

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