7 Figure Book Business Blueprint

...is a full breakdown on how to transition from an author who is selling books, to having a scalable business that is growing every day. It also dives into the current state of book marketing and how not to sink with all the changes happening in social media.

In this book, expect to learn...

☑️ The difference between selling books and owning a book business.

☑️ Why it's important to become your own Amazon.

☑️ The formula to scale up to 7 figures and stay there.

☑️ How to build an email list of people who will buy.

☑️ How to climb up the rankings and build a large following without trying.

Also expect to learn more about...

☑️ The way to sell your books and not wait 30-60 days for royalties.

☑️ How to build a system that is automatic, from marketing to selling and scaling.

☑️ How to implement the same things Amazon uses to make profit.

☑️ How to get your reader to spend more and for you to see more profit.


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What those who've read it are saying...

I just wanna say the seven-figure book course is "out of this world"! and even all the knowledge that I have there were still some principles that I didn't know and Pierre breaks it down!!!

Will Morris

This book is a gamechanger and I'm so grateful that I read it and I have also gotten some of his other courses and I'm about to start his mentorship. It's gonna inspire you and change you. Get the book, you won't regret it.


I gonna tell you it is completely "next level stuff!" and Pierre's mindset shift and step by step in the blue print has been incredible!

Jacqui Letran

Make sure y'all get this book business blueprint because it will save you so much trouble and headache and thinking about ways to market your book. I love that it starts with a mindset because that is really the key.

Sharifa T. Anozie

$29.99 USD

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